Beauty photography by  Armin Morbach

 Beauty photography by Armin Morbach

Diagnosing, Defining, Elevating and Accelerating your Brand.

How do you ensure that your brand is really resonating with your consumers? How can you be certain that it becomes more premium and more exciting with a precise brand story? Building a strong brand is the foundation of your success. We start from deep analysis and diagnostics as base for brand building, strategy and expansion. The process will be tailor-made to your needs and fast with tangible results. We know that in today's result-driven world you don't have the time to wait for months to course-correct. 

Systematic strategic brand building

You will receive a precise branding strategy including an aspirational brand vision, a brand architecture and a clear definition of the role of all consumer touch-points for the strengthening of your brand's positioning. We will develop action plans, portfolio strategies, line extension and brand stretching plans, limited editions, brand visualization strategies, experience creation and offer all services needed to bring your brand to life. Everything will be built on a sharp and precise Brand Equity Definition with our proprietary ÉQ Model.


consumer & Customer journey

Every interaction with your brand counts. We analyze the consumer and customer journey of your brand, identify strengths and weaknesses and build a strategy that enables you to gain competitive advantage.


go-to-market approach

Wether you are responsible for your brand at a global level or for the local in-market execution, we partner with you to optimize your go-to-market strategy, including all relevant strategic points. We dramatize your brand at the point of sale and help you connecting consumers with your brand. We also optimize your customer storytelling, so that you can become more successful achieving or expanding distribution.


Creative solutions

We partner with some of the best creatives, designers, branding and firms and digital/advertising agencies in the world to be able to offer complete branding solutions that are second to none. We have a feel for European, American and Asian brands and will create for you a unique branding that respects the foundations of your brand while elevating it significantly. And we partner with some of the world's best training firms to ensure that your brand's values are deeply anchored within your organization.



For our brand partners our ability to create sustainable business models is important. Business models that address the eco-challenges premium and luxury brands face. And we can elevate your sustainability narrative. Your benefit: competitive advantage through an enhanced brand experience respecting aspects of sustainability -- playing to win with sustainability.