Building a Millennial focused luxury brand


Équité for Gray - help Gray to develop from an Asian startup to a global luxury powerhouse.

We work with market leading iconic brands and also with startups.

Gray International is one of the world's most innovative luxury companies, headquartered in Singapore, founded by Millennials for Millennials. Frustrated by the lack of relevance of many traditional brands for Millennials, Gray ignited a rebellion in 2015, seeking to rediscover the excitement and brilliance that luxury once promised. To do so, Gray decided to break away from the past and draw inspiration from the future, setting upon a path that few have dared to tread. Équité is advising Gray on their journey to build the luxury brand of the future, including:

  • Brand strategy and brand positioning

  • Pricing strategy including our proprietary “nonlinearity” luxury pricing tools

  • Developing the value proposition and experience of the brand

  • Innovation planning and execution

  • Portfolio and line extension planning and pricing, creating a more consistent assortment

  • Create and plan limited editions

  • Improve revenue and profitability 


Gray is an excellent example of how we work with brands around the world. We serve our client in Singapore, Asia from our headquarters in the USA. We are in regular exchange using state-of-the-art video conferencing, and we conduct face to face meetings (like workshops) on a to-need base.  

We helped Gray to launch several new product lines, like the new Advent cases for the iPhone X, the Alter Ego for the iPhone Xs, one of the world's most luxurious phone cases and the Zyra, an innovative laptop companion. Through our proprietary pricing modeling we allowed Gray to become significantly more profitable: we repositioned the flagship lines, redefined the pricing architecture, developed limited editions and ideated new line extensions targeting new customers (example: Rose Gold edition).


The result

  • Sharper positioning, improved brand storytelling

  • New, much clearer pricing and assortment architecture

  • Significantly higher sales with higher profitability

“We were impressed with the precision of Équité”s data-driven luxury pricing tools and their creative ideas. We are seeing a significant acceleration of our top line growth, profitability and brand valuation with the new pricing and assortment model and recommend Équité to any company interested in achieving significant improvement of profitability and growth.” Kevin Wu, Founder and CEO, Gray

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