Elevating the brand strategy for a premium service startup (B2B)

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The Client 

Our client THE FREE AGENT has the ambition to disrupt the way how small to mid size companies work and offer the best and most premium service in the market place. When companies grow, they need top-performing experienced personnel that they often don't have to solve specific situations. The firm connects some of the best vetted specialists with companies on an innovative online-platform, so that they have the right talent at the right time to accelerate their growth. The client is based in USA.


The Challenge

  • Initial brand positioning not yet sharp and differentiating enough
  • Messaging not yet clear enough
  • Brand storytelling has to match premium positioning
  • Brand purpose not well defined, no clear reason to believe communicated yet
  • Original business model not distinct enough


Our Approach

  • Brand Audit Workshop as starting point to generate deep diagnostics on gaps and needs
  • Assessment of current gaps in brand positioning
  • Assessment of competition and customer insights
  • Brand concept development utilizing Équité ÉQ Brand Equity modeling
  • Development of new, differentiated way of addressing companies and consultants/specialists
  • Detailed Game Plan to ensure excellence in execution of all branding elements



  • Completely redesigned business model
  • New brand strategy: Completely reworked, disruptive brand approach (now in implementation phase)
  • Focus on fewer, but highly relevant benefits, building a unique proposition, different to all competitive offers
  • Emotional storytelling and brand purpose embedded into brand definition


Client feedback

"It's pretty interesting and refreshing to sit down with someone that's an expert in their domain. Of course you realize how little you know about that particular subject... I realized that branding may be one of the most important things that can be done to truly differentiate your product and service from the competition."

      Beau Billington, Founder & CEO THE FREE AGENT

Daniel Langer