Development of the luxury strategy for a disruptive hospitality brand (USA)

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The Client 

The client is launching an absolutely unique concept that will disrupt the hospitality sector (fine dining). The brand is targeted to the top 0.1% of customers, hence need to appeal to people "who know", who are highly discerning, with high expectations and who are used to dine in the best restaurants in the world. The company is located in the USA.


The Challenge

  • Creating a new luxury brand from scratch - client tasked us with brand creation
  • Defining a strategy that is differentiating from all offers currently in the market, even at the highest standards in the world
  • Creating a brand that appeals to top-end customers, experienced in dining at the best restaurants 
  • Create a business model that will provide high revenue and profits despite focusing on a limited amount of customers.
  • Creating a holistic, absolutely unique brand experience
  • Creating an unparalleled customer journey
  • Creating a pricing and revenue model
  • Client had utilized several top consulting firms but could not find any satisfactory business model and brand idea


Our Approach

  • Brand building workshop to develop a Game Plan for the new brand
  • In-depth diagnostics: Assessment of competition, consumers
  • Dissection of learnings from luxury brands in different sectors as base for strategy development
  • Proprietary Équité ÉQ brand modeling to develop brand strategy, identity, positioning and brand equity aspiration
  • Development of the complete luxury business model
  • Development of ideas for the "delivery system" to bring the brand positioning to life with customers
  • Development of a Game Plan detailing all aspects of the way forward to launch the brand in 2018



  • Disruptive luxury business model developed
  • Brand concept development in progress
  • Detailed Game Plan developed, implementation started


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Daniel Langer