Elevation of a market leading premium consumer service brand


The Client (confidential)

The client offers a premium service for more than a decade and is perceived as world market leader in their segment. The service is highly personalized with some elements of hospitality and travel. Already today, customers pay several thousand dollars for the service, some more than hundred thousand dollars. Hence, the customer journey has to be world-class. The company is leading in expertise, but identified the need to elevate the brand experience significantly.


The Challenge

  • Brand perceived as rather functional, while leading with expertise in its segment
  • Consumers do not yet utilize the brand's service because of exceptional experiences. It's provides a rather functional and transactional customer journey
  • Brand storytelling and experience identified as major gap preventing more transformational growth
  • Distinct, relevant and exciting brand definition is lacking
  • Customer journey not state-of-the-art
  • Elevating the brand from premium to luxury as key opportunity for revenue and profit growth


Our Approach

  • Brand Audit Workshop as starting point to identify key challenges and opportunities
  • In-depth gap analysis and benchmarking with competitors
  • Benchmarking with best-in-class luxury brands showed need for step change in positioning 
  • Analysis of the customer journey
  • Utilization of Équite's proprietary ÉQ Brand Equity tool to dissect current positioning gaps
  • ÉQ brand modeling to define the future identity and positioning of the brand
  • Development of a relevant, highly emotional brand concept elevating the brand from premium to luxury
  • Development of s strategic Game Plan for growth for implementation in 2018
  • Identification of quick wins to accelerate the growth of the brand until new positioning is implemented 



  • Major branding issues identified and prioritized
  • Brand repositioning strategy developed, in implementation
  • Major change in business model, from provider of solutions to creator of experiences
  • Differentiated, emotionally touching brand identity developed 
  • Opportunity for luxury pricing identified 


Client feedback 

"This was the best meeting I ever had. I did not know how much we needed your expertise. I am impressed how fast you understood our business model and showed us our future direction."

      Founder and executive board member, confidential client


"Thank you for what you did! OOOH…I love it!!!!!"

      CEO, confidential client


Daniel Langer