Growth Acceleration and Turnaround Strategy in the Haute Couture Sector in Paris

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The Client (confidential)

Company the Haute Couture Sector in Paris planning an investment into a brand turnaround. One of the most recognized and well-established brands of its kind with a historical workshop in the center of Paris. To accelerate revenue and profit growth, a new business model is needed addressing revenue, cost (e.g. workshop utilization) and profitability (new services, pricing, etc.) and connecting stronger with needs of Millennials.


The Challenge

  • Brand in need to grow through new business model, new business sectors and revenue streams
  • Workshop not fully utilized leading to insufficient structural cost absorption
  • Brand analysis needed including an outline of way forward
  • Rough growth strategy was existing but details not yet defined
  • Validation of growth plan needed including P&L aspects
  • Strategic guidance on gaps for growth and pitfalls needed
  • Additional ideas for innovation and growth acceleration needed
  • Business-critical presentation for turnaround / investment with little lead-time required fast help
  • Conceptualization of project needed: priorities, structure, focus of content, key messages to investors


Our Approach

  • High reactivity: Workshop organized in Paris within 24 hours
  • Situation analysis
  • Structuring of options and approach
  • Growth acceleration strategy developed
  • Strategic guidance
  • Identification of project related opportunities and risks
  • Assessment and validation of growth strategy
  • Co-creation of innovation concepts
  • P&L validation


The Results

  • Strategy successfully developed and approved, addressing topline, innovation and cost
  • Investment plan fully approved, now in implementation
  • Expected step-change in company setup and performance


Client Feedback

“Working with ÉQUITÉ is one of the best things that happened to me these past few months. I needed help to handle a strategic project, prioritize ideas, make sure no crucial development lever was forgotten while checking that quantitative targets would be reached.”

      CEO of confidential client in the Haute Couture Sector in Paris

Daniel Langer