Luxury leadership seminars


Tailor-made all-day training program for top-management, sales, marketing, finance, service

Global and regional options

  • Modules designed for the needs of the client

  • Module example: luxury fundamentals

  • Module example: extreme value creation

  • Module example: why do consumers buy luxury and how to influence it

  • Module example: disruption through millennials and generation z

  • Module example: digitalization, social media and the store of the future

  • Module example: luxury events and experience creation

  • Module example: customer journey optimization

  • Module example: strengthening of luxury brands

For brands like Ferrari and Maserati, we developed tailor-made luxury leadership training modules which were held in 1-day seminars incorporating top managers of all departments to create a common view on the challenges luxury brands face today. The programs include many best- and worst-case studies across industries. The highly interactive workshop format allows for in-depth discussion and generates tangible results.

Seminars can be booked as 1, 2 or multi-day sessions and tailor-made to the needs of different departments, e.g., sales training or top-management sparring.

“Daniel is able to fuse his research credibility into meaningful and actionable business insights. His delivery was also standout - incredibly genuine.” - Participant Luxury Leadership Seminar, Tokyo, Ferrari

“Professionally prepared, clear explanation even about difficult topics, great charismatic personality.” - Participant Luxury Leadership Seminar, Tokyo, Ferrari

“Your presentation was well thought, all sub-topics were perfectly working together I which made the full conductor line very fluid and logical. Your knowledge and experience are so valuable for luxury brands” - Participant Luxury Leadership Workshop, London, NYX / L’Oréal

“What a fantastic workshop session today. Very much enjoyed it!" - Participant Luxury Leadership Workshop, London, The Economist

"I highly recommend Daniel as a speaker." - Participant Luxury Keynote, London, Marketing Science Institute  

"I truly enjoyed your presentation. I found it to achieve three great E’s: engaging, entertaining and educational! - Luxury Hospitality Keynote, Los Angeles, CEO Viceroy Hotels

“Daniel is highly competent and knowledgable about the luxury industry. He brings to the table a variety of inspiring case studies and tools to gauge how successful a strategy is.” - Participant Luxury Leadership Workshop, Florence, Luxury Beauty Care Startup

“Dr. Langer's presentation was outstanding in terms of its content, interesting point of view, and its style for having the seminars and group discussions divided for each separate themes.” Participant Luxury Leadership Seminar, Tokyo, Maserati

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