Corporate Brands Need Love, Too (And Suffer Without)

Why are Corporate Brands extremely difficult to manage well?

  • Often they are an umbrella for several product or service brands that can be positioned differently, making the corporate brand blurry.
  • It's challenging to find a relevant positioning if a corporate brand entails several businesses that operate in completely different markets and segments.
  • Sometimes a corporate brand needs to have a clear role within a differently positioned parent company after a merger.
  • Corporate brands are often based on internal values and mission statements and lack relevance to stakeholders.
  • Many lack a deep connection with customers and consumers.

Because of this, many corporations, even market leaders, don't focus enough on having a crystal clear positioning of their corporate brand. This means the brand will not be loved by all stakeholders through its equity & positioning. This is dangerous and can result in:  

  • Decrease of brand valuation by shareholders and investors.
  • Falling stock prices.
  • Difficulty to attract and retain the best talents.
  • Vulnerability to competition once the core technologies are matched by others or become obsolete.
  • Lack of trust and brand love by consumers.
  • Not being preferred partner for customers
  • Over-exposure to the risk of price and promotion wars.
  • Not being able to sell premium products.
  • Not utilizing the full potential of the corporate brand for all stakeholders.

In short, a corporate brand without a sharp brand equity definition will lack clear profile. It becomes vulnerable to market influences. And as a result it lacks competitiveness and attractiveness for investors, employees, consumers and customers.

This is why Corporate Branding needs expertise. At ÉQUITÉ, we use our proprietary tools as base to identify positioning gaps and to find opportunities. These are translated into a sharply defined Corporate Brand Equity Architecture. We also help to define the role of the corporate brand in relation to sub-brands or the parent brand, so that brand roles are clearly defined. 

Based on this we identify opportunities to maximize the positioning in the market place through:

  • Branding
  • Corporate Identity 
  • Innovation
  • Pricing
  • Services
  • Line extensions
  • Employer branding

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