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Collaborating to elevate brands: Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon and Dr. Daniel A. Langer

Collaborating to elevate brands: Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon and Dr. Daniel A. Langer

We believe that it's important to always start with the why. When choosing a partner to help elevate your brand, it's essential to look for someone with both EQ and IQ; passion and expertise. You want a partner who truly understands and believes in your brand. An advocate who will go above and beyond to ensure success. A partner who helps you deliver on your KPIs and helps you elevate ROI. At Équité we are obsessed with brands and are laser-focused on helping to build equity and image, develop positioning, and create superior consumer experiences. We give brands a story and a purpose, and identify effective ways to make the brand resonate with the target group. We have a comprehensive understanding of Generation Y and Z and of the disruptive trends currently happening throughout the world. To ensure the success of your brand, we partner and collaborate only with the world's best experts.

Dr. Langer and Dr. Takashima Claremon bring together a unique combination of expertise, talents and knowledge to help significantly elevate your brand. They collaborate on consulting projects, inspire each other, and work together to generate groundbreaking insights. What they share is a unique passion for furthering their understanding of luxury and premium brands. What is of particular interest to brands is their combined knowledge regarding managing and building brands in North America, Europe and Asia, with experiences in Beauty Care, Premium Food and Beverages, Services, Sports & Apparel, Automotive, Luxury Accessories, Lifestyle Brands and B2B. They have attended programs, presented or taught at top business schools including UCLA, Cornell, Harvard Business School, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Zurich HWZ, Singapore SMU, London LBS, Michigan Ross, Phoenix Thunderbird, and Barcelona IESE. 

Dr. Mirei Takashima Claremon is a global branding and consumer expert who has been active in the marketing field for over a decade, and holds MBA and PhD degrees in marketing. She runs her own global marketing consulting firm, and helps companies launch brands into culturally different markets by creating customized and effective marketing and brand-building strategies. She possesses keen insights into Asian consumers, a deep understanding that she has gained through in-depth empirical research on Asian consumers’ luxury purchasing habits as well as on what drives their brand loyalty. She has studied Asian consumers in countries such as Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, China, and Thailand. She has presented at notable luxury conferences such as the Luxury Symposium in Monaco, and the LVMH-SMU Luxury Research Conference in Singapore.

Dr. Daniel A. Langer, founder of Équité, is one of the world's most renowned experts on building and elevating consumer, B2B, premium and luxury brands. He holds an MBA and a PhD in luxury management and has a multi-year experience in teaching and presenting on premiumization, luxury marketing and innovation leadership at several top business schools. He also has a 20+ year track record of building and accelerating some of the most iconic consumer goods brands in the world, creating and managing various multi-million dollar brands and companies. He is the co-author of some of the world's top rated books and publications on luxury including a Chinese version of his Luxury - Marketing & Management textbook. His doctoral thesis was among the first major publications ever to analyze the psychology of luxury purchases. He is a sought after speaker and commentator by the media. 

How do you ensure that your brand is realizing its full potential? We would like to set up a telephone call or a meeting with you to discuss how we can support your firm build and elevate your brand, create a global brand, or expand a brand from US to Asia or Europe, or vice versa. Independent from your brand's status quo and challenges, we are confident that we will find an effective solution for you that leads to tangible and fast results. As an example, we offer brand workshops that can quickly help you assess your brands' status, pain points, gaps, and opportunities. Together, we can develop an actionable and detailed brand strategy plan through our creative ideation and solution identification process.


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