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"Professionally prepared, clear explanation even about difficult topics, great charismatic personality."

Participant feedback of a tailor-made Ferrari Luxury Leadership Seminar, Tokyo


"Your presentation was well thought, all sub-topics were perfectly working together, which made the full conductor line very fluid and logical. Your knowledge and experience are so valuable for luxury brands."

Participant feedback (L'Oréal Luxury Division) of Luxury Leadership Workshop at Economist Group office, London


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Iconic brands like Ferrari have attended our luxury leadership trainings to lead the change in luxury and brand management.

Whether you look for an inspiring keynote for a conference or for a fully tailor-made top-management or employee training, to discuss options.


Achieve identification and identity by challenging the status quo in your organization. Create consistency, motivation and internal sense of urgency by inspiring your team to think and act differently. Open their eyes for the importance and possibilities of elevating your brand. Challenge your competitive environment with a premiumization attitude. By training your talents on branding strategy, so that your team may become ambassadors of change. Elevate your brand by elevating your team. 


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    Florence, Italy, June 14-15, 2018, Daniel Langer will present The Future of Luxury & Beauty at the INNOCOS FUTURE OF BEAUTY Conference

    Daniel will share his thought-provoking views on the future of beauty. Disrupted by digital, technology and millennials, with many new "instagram and influencer brands" showing up and changing consumer expectations, the beauty industry will need to step up the game in terms of innovation and brand strategies. Daniel is one of the most accomplished beauty & luxury experts in the world and will share content relevant for beauty brands around the world.

     Daniel Langer was keynote speaker at Stay Boutique Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, Oct 3, 2017

    Daniel Langer was keynote speaker at Stay Boutique Leadership Conference in Los Angeles, Oct 3, 2017

    Los Angeles, Oct 3, 2017, Daniel Langer presented The Future of Luxury at the Stay Boutique Leadership Conference

    Daniel spoke on the subject of Innovating Hospitality Beyond The Comfort Zone: Why Good Is Not Good Enough Anymore.  In the world of luxury, memorable experiences are at the core of what consumers expect. To be successful 2020 and beyond, innovation needs to go past the comfort zone.



    "I thought you provided one of the highlights to the whole event!"

    Eric Keosky-Smith, Vice President, Business Development, Moses Inc.


     Daniel Langer is keynote speaker and panelist at the Luxury Fashion Management Conference in Milan, Italy Nov 27/28, 2017

    Daniel Langer is keynote speaker and panelist at the Luxury Fashion Management Conference in Milan, Italy Nov 27/28, 2017

    Milan, Nov 27-28, 2017,  Daniel Langer presented The Luxury Sustainability Paradox And How to Solve It at Politecnico di Milano at the Luxury Fashion Management Conference

    Daniel showcased why it is so difficult for premium and luxury fashion brands to develop eco-centered business models. He presented strategies how to gain competitive advantage through sustainability as millennials are changing the game.


    Daniel was also panel speaker together with top-managers from Tesla and Vivienne Westwood, inspiring luxury & fashion CEOs and managers about the paradox of luxury and sustainability and how to lead global markets with changing consumer expectations.

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    "Daniel brilliantly captures such important components to show how luxury brands could turn sustainability related challenges into competitive advantage. His creative ideas and expertise channel a number of significant take-aways that could inspire any luxury company to create added value for sustainability and that could help to embark on more radical approaches toward sustainability."

    Dr. Hakan Karaosman, Marketing Professor, Politecnico di Milano

    "A quick note to thank you for the insightful panel discussion - For honest sustainability sake, your 'put luxury first' is the most interesting conference takeaway." 
     Antonio Ametrano, Art & Design Advisor





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