How we work: Collaborative. Critical. Precise. Fast. Action driven.

  • We will help your brand to move upward.
  • We work worldwide. And we know that time and results matter.
  • We work with brands of different sizes from market leaders to startups across all industries and services.
  • We build the brand positioning for celebrities and help to connect with the right brands (and vice versa)
  • You have in us a critical sparring partner. From a specific challenge to complete branding strategies.
             Rigorous and collaborative process from analysis to actions. We involve your team and your top management. To produce precise, fast, actionable and measurable results.

            Rigorous and collaborative process from analysis to actions. We involve your team and your top management. To produce precise, fast, actionable and measurable results.



Our services for your brand.

  • Identification and elimination of current gaps for growth
  • Brand workshops: deep brand diagnostic and action plans with your team
  • Trend workshops: deep immersion into the trends disrupting luxury and solutions to master them
  • Sustainability workshops: we help you to solve the sustainability challenge for luxury and premium brands
  • Sparring partner for you and your team to provide an outside-in perspective
  • Assessment of strengths, opportunities and risks of your brand
  • Sharpening your brand's positioning
  • ÉQ Brand Equity modeling and brand stretching
  • Systematic development of all aspects of brands
  • Creation of premium, lifestyle and luxury brands with you and for you
  • Corporate branding and brand architecture between master- and sub-brands
  • Corporate identity, brand strategy and brand manual
  • Ideation of unique brand experiences
  • Strategies for premium and luxury pricing
  • Category potential analysis to define pricing and portfolio expansion
  • Sharpening of the pricing architecture between segments
  • Increasing your brand's relevance for Millennials and Gen Z
  • Portfolio: Line extensions & limited edition ideation and planning
  • Assessing and enhancing your brand's profitability
  • Mastering the digital challenge
  • Building up your brand's innovation power
  • Qualification of new categories your brand can disrupt
  • Creative ideas and concepts for your marketing mix
  • External perspective for important strategic decisions



We build new brands for you and accelerate your existing brands.

Brand equity builder (new brands)

  • Full-service brand creation and development
  • Identification of premium & luxury potential
  • Insight generation
  • Competitive strategy
  • Development of brand concept & name
  • Pricing architecture
  • Brand positioning and execution 
  • Brand building hackathon
  • Innovation strategy, ideation & planning

Brand equity ACCELERATOR (existing brands)

  • Assessment of brand status & gaps
  • Sharpening of the Brand Equity definition 
  • Accelerating the growth of your brand (revenue & profit)
  • Premiumization strategies
  • Portfolio and strategy assessment & optimization
  • Line extension planning
  • Development of limited editions 
  • Portfolio analysis incl. tail-end optimization
  • Profit growth and margin extension plans


We develop corporate branding.

  • We build the entire architecture for your corporate brand
  • Starting point is inventory, gap and opportunity analysis 
  • Brand workshop for organizational buy-in
  • Application of our brand equity tools to define a sharp positioning
  • Definition of role of corporate brand versus sub-brands
  • Holistic corporate identity development with leading design and creative agency partners
  • Premiumization and employer branding strategies for corporate brands
  • Trainings to transform staff into brand enthusiasts and ambassadors


Brand experience creation.

  • Ourside-in view: gap analysis - what is missing in the current brand experience
  • Consumer journey and brand touch-point analysis
  • Experience co-creation workshop
  • Creation of an elevated brand experience
  • Ideation of memorable moments for consumers
  • Holistic execution: in-home, in-store, digital, out-of-home


Personal brand building for celebrities & sports stars.

  • We create personal brand & image strategies for celebrities and sports stars
  • We provide professionalism, privacy and discretion
  • With the application of our ÉQ Brand Equity Tool we develop a sharp personal positioning
  • We can help celebrities create their own lifestyle and luxury brands fitting to their equity