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Équité CEO Daniel Langer Ferrari Luxury Leadership Training


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How to accelerate growth, outperforming peers? What is the future of luxury? What are key consumer trends? How to create luxurious experiences? How to deal with digital disruption? How to address millennials? How to differentiate your brand? What makes a brand premium or luxury? Which factors influence premium and luxury pricing? How to lead the change?


Motivate your teams with a highly inspiring, educational and motivating team training, which could be part of your team building event, your annual marketing or sales conference or held as a separate seminar. Trainings are a unique opportunity for a deep, personal interaction with Dr. Daniel Langer, benefiting your team by exposing them to the state-of-the-art in luxury, premiumization and brand building.




 "It was really a pleasure to attend Daniel Langer's seminars concerning luxury consumption and to get to know his new and amazing academic findings and insights concerning luxury."

Patrick Pfannkuche, Managing Editor, Guebelin Group, Switzerland, top-manager of the world's leading luxury jewelry retailer





1-5 days, worldwide, customized to your needs, designed to help you outperform


We receive seminar inquiries from all over the world. Our trainings will support your goals and enable your best people to outperform. 


EQUITE Luxury Seminars


Inspiring team trainings are ideal to ensure that knowledge about brand building is deeply embedded into your organization and they create a winning attitude. We provide world-class programs that will help your team to acquire the necessary expertise and knowledge to manage brands more successfully and elevate brands and their experience.. 



"I met Daniel Langer attending the first luxury management course in Zurich, where he presented following topics: towards managing luxury, key concepts and hidden aspects of luxury perceptions. The presentation has been extremely interesting, surprising and insightful and the professional and enjoyable way of Daniels speech was for all participants a pleasure."

Karin Peine, Davidoff Director Global Innovation