Premiumization, Pricing and Portfolio Optimization.

How would you price your new product if you started with a white sheet of paper? How do you ensure that you optimize your profit potential? How do you ensure pricing consistency across your portfolio, even if your products are in different segments? How to you develop your brand upward and make it more premium?


Unleash the full potential of value creation for your brand

Premium and luxury pricing decisions are some of the most difficult managerial challenges. Strategic pricing based on intuition or simple comparisons is the wrong way. Our approach is different: Our proprietary data-driven tools give you peace of mind to have a competitive and profitable premium and luxury pricing strategy across your entire portfolio. And we work with you to achieve excellence in execution by developing strategies and ideas how to support your brand's pricing potential with innovation, limited editions, optimized portfolio and better brand dramatization. 



Our approach is built on innovative tools that allow to identify the pricing potential of your category, place your brand within that opportunity field and develop sound pricing models that leverage the full opportunities of premium and luxury pricing. This is the difference our clients profit from.