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Brand Workshops, Brand Hacks and Trainings to accelerate your growth.

You and your teams should have the best possible knowledge of strategies & tools for luxury management, premiumization, innovation, experience creation, brand equity building and growth acceleration. We offer co-creation and ideation workshops, 1:1 coachings, brand hackathons and trainings. We developed world-class tools content that will be adjusted to your needs and will help to significantly improve your competitiveness.



1:1 Coaching with Dr. Langer

Work directly in a 1:1 interaction with the author of the world's leading books on luxury management, combined with 20+ years of experience managing some of the world's most valuable brands in Asia, Europe and USA. 

Topics could include:

  • Luxury management
  • Luxury trends and how to master them
  • Premiumziation of brands
  • Nonlinear pricing for luxury brands
  • Defining ÉQ, the brand equity truth
  • Innovation culture
  • Leading yourself 
  • Startup culture

We develop and provide the training fully tailor made for you, at your convenience and at your preferred location or via digital training. Enjoy the luxury of a program fully developed for your personal needs. 


Brand Workshops, Trend Days and Team Trainings

An ÉQUITÉ Brand Workshop is one of the most efficient and best ways to co-create and ideate. We meet with you and your teams and solve a specific task in an interactive way, combining our knowledge with your knowledge.

ÉQUITÉ Trend Days are held in a workshop style. We will present you the latest global trends in luxury and premium. We will dissect and discuss the critical implications for the future of your business. 

Team trainings are ideal to ensure that the knowledge about brand building is deeply embedded into the organization. We created two world-class programs that will help your team to acquire the necessary expertise and knowledge to manage brands more successfully.


Learn the fundamentals of managing luxury and taking every brand upward. What are luxuries? How to manage them? How to optimize pricing?


How to build and accelerate Brand Equity? How to take the right portfolio decisions? How to decide on line extensions and take life-cycle decisions? What are criteria of good design? And how to innovate?

Content of both programs can be combined at your demand. Programs are offered as 1 day, multi-day and 1 week trainings at your location or an inspiring location we jointly define.


elevate your team's attitude
from employees to brand ambassadors with the ambition to win




Your brand should be a power house. To elevate your brand it is important to elevate your team too. It is critical that your teams and your customers truly understand the mission and positioning of your brand and develop a winning attitude to represent your brand mission. 


Equite CEO Daniel Langer

Our focus is to create "brand ambassadors". For our clients we develop specific programs to educate, inspire and engage employees and their customers. So that they understand critical brand touch points and gain the ability to be the masters of ceremony for the very specific brand experience you want to create.





elevate your organization


We partner for trainings with Wertfreunde, one of the leading corporate training providers in the world. Jointly, we offer tailor-made programs to implement the change process we develop for your brand into your organization.







Ready to boost your brand equity and luxury leadership skills?

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