Équité Connecting with Millennials and Gen Z

Connecting your Brand with Generation Y and Z

Millennials and Gen Z are no myth anymore, but a reality, disrupting many markets and brands, accelerated by the ongoing integration of technology into our lives. Different habits, different media usage, different expectations to brand experiences and the power of influencers challenge the status quo of all brands. New strategies are needed and a faster anticipation of trends.


strategic partnership with ITS

Without creativity, luxury, fashion and beauty are nothing. Without creativity, brand storytelling lacks emotion at heart. And creativity without strategic brand building won't help to achieve strategic and financial goals. This is why Équité and ITS started a strategic partnership. ITS, with its headquarters in Trieste, Italy, is located close to the vibrant fashion capitals in Milan, Rome and Paris and has become the world's leading platform for creative talents. In fact, some of the most renown creative talents of the fashion industry have been identified and placed by ITS. ITS also boasts a one of a kind creative archive. Combining an eye for beauty with deep analytical skills, ITS established itself in more than 15 years as one of the most comprehensive resources of millennial, luxury and fashion trends, with the ability to identify trends in regard to materials, shapes, creative concepts and social changes years before they become mainstream through their ongoing world wide talent engagement. The partnership gives Équité's clients and brand partners exclusive access to 

  • Deep global millennial trends and insights 
  • Creative talent across many disciplines (e.g. leather, fabrics, accessories, creative direction, creative inspiration, etc.)
  • Adding "human touch" to technology, bridging the long-term focus of tech with the short-term focus of fashion 
  • Creative storytelling and creative execution 
  • Interaction with art and creativity, e.g. for line extension and limited editions

ITS' clients and brand partners get exclusive access to

  • Strategic brand sparring by some of the world's leading brand specialists of Équité
  • Growth acceleration strategies (revenue and profit)
  • Branding, brand identity development and strategic brand building 
  • Brand portfolio management, line extensions and limited editions
  • Premium and luxury pricing expertise and tools 


Deep immersion into the world of Millennials and Gen Z

You can expect from us an analysis of gaps and opportunities of your current brand and the development of strategies and programs on how to lead the challenge. Our clients confirm our extensive global knowledge of trends and strategies and we partner with some of the world's best specialists in areas like digital, VR virtual reality, AR augmented reality, beauty execution (which also is extremely relevant for non-beauty brands in an increasingly visual world), photography, filmmaking etc.

Your benefit: You will profit from a sound strategy and an action plan addressing key trends that will impact your category, business model and brand within the next 2-5 years.


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