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we elevate luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands: products, services, b2B, B2C

examples: Beauty, cars, lifestyle, appliances, hospitality, sustainability


Every brand will benefit from our expertise. Consumer brands can become more premium. Premium brands more luxurious. Luxury brands can further improve their positioning, relevance for millennials and performance. By leveraging our expertise in premium and luxury we will elevate your brand, independent from the starting point. 




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We will strengthen the identity of your brand from ground up. We define and elevate the DNA. We sharpen the positioning. We premiumize your brand with our proprietary premium and luxury pricing tools. We fill your brand story with life and excitement. Connect it with millennials. Rethink your go-to-market strategy for a more premiumized sales approach or to develop the store of the future. Together with you we strategize, innovate and co-create. We train your team to become experts in leading luxury in times of change. 



Your brand deserves exceptional expertise and dedication.


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You will profit from our unique knowledge, speed and passion to elevate brands. 

  • Expertise in the dynamic and trend-leading luxury, lifestyle and consumer markets
  • Proven brand equity tools and a sound data-driven approach
  • Particular focus on brand positioning, premium, go-to-market & pricing opportunities
  • Immersion into today's global consumers & trends
  • Incredible energy and passion for your brand's success with a result-driven approach 

You profit from a rigorous process  to develop and elevate your brand.


brand diagnostics and audit workshops are the foundation for our brand development process 


Brand Diagnostics and Audit Workshops are the point of departure for our rigorous brand building approach: They allow a systematic and collaborative deep dive into the status quo of the brand. To identify gaps for growth and opportunities. Every workshop leads to the outline of the future strategy and the development thorough game plan for growth.  


"The workshop with Équité was a phenomenal experience. I was impressed how you facilitated the discussion among my leadership team members. I can't believe how far we came in identifying our future roadmap during the short time we spent together. I loved learning about the mechanics of luxury and how they help us to make our brand much more premium. It is critical for the future of our company." 

       CEO of a confidential client in the hospitality and lifestyle sector


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How we work: Collaborative. Critical. Precise. Fast. Action driven.

  • You have in us a critical sparring partner: From your strategic challenge up to complete branding and business strategies
  • We work for you worldwide and we know that time and results matter for you
  • We work with brands of different sizes, from market leaders to startups across all industries and service





We'd love to elevate your brand.