Équité Strategic Sparring Workshops

Brand Audit, Ideation, Co-Creation and Sparring Workshops for your Brand.

How do you ensure that an important branding topic is tackled from all possible angles, so that your brand positioning becomes stronger? How do you validate that your go-to-market strategy is complete and really helps to accelerate your growth significantly? How do you plan a superior brand experience across all touch-points? Those are just three of many possible questions to be addressed in a workshop for your brand.


In a workshop we meet with you and your teams and kick-start the solution of a specific task. We will analyze a topic for you, ideate and challenge. Your benefit: you get an outside-in view by a critical, experienced sparring partner with strategic and operative knowledge you can tap in to. Every workshop will lead to a deeper understanding, a 360-degree view on a challenge and a detailed action plan.  


Client feedback strategic sparring workshop

Client in the Haute Couture Sector in Paris, 1-day workshop: "Working with Daniel is one of the best things that happened to me these past few months. I needed help to handle a strategic project, prioritize ideas, make sure no crucial development lever was forgotten while checking that quantitative targets would be reached. Daniel's performance included many concrete examples of similar situations and tremendous tools (completely customized to fit with my situation) dedicated to develop relevant ideas." (Click to see full case)


Example of a 2-day Brand Audit Workshop agenda

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