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What experts value about ÉQUITÉ and our founder. 


      WWD Langer: Don't Trade Brand Equity for Easy Growth

     WWD Langer: Don't Trade Brand Equity for Easy Growth

     "Congrats on the new company! It sounds fantastic! I love your book -- I cite it all the time!"     Emily Dougherty, Beauty Director, ELLE Magazine USA

    "Congrats on the new company! It sounds fantastic! I love your book -- I cite it all the time!"
    Emily Dougherty, Beauty Director, ELLE Magazine USA

"Having worked with Daniel for many years and knowing his expertise in Luxury and Brand Equity, every brand will be in good hands with ÉQUITÉ.”

Pietro Beccari, CEO, Christian Dior
Executive Board Member LVMH



“Working with ÉQUITÉ is one of the best things that happened to me these past few months. I needed help to handle a strategic project, prioritize ideas, make sure no crucial development lever was forgotten while checking that quantitative targets would be reached.”

       Confidential Client of ÉQUITÉ in the Haute Couture Sector in Paris 


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"Équité is a start-up with blue-chip experience. I strongly recommend you to take a closer look, as I believe that nothing is more valuable than real field experience." 

Dr. Christian Kurtzke, Former CEO, Porsche Design | Meissen Couture


"Daniel injected in the team a strong attitude toward achievements, being a clear sparring partner in realizing the business turnaround. Strong commitment, ownership and accountability are key qualities I want to highlight."

Gabriele Rusconi, Board Member & GM Rovagnati S.p.A.



"I was involved in a conference on service innovation together with London Business School and Marketing Science Institute. I was deeply impressed with first of all how well Daniel presented but also of what he has accomplished at his company - I would be happy to have him as one of my colleagues."

Anders Gustafsson, Steering Committee Member,
Academic Council at American Marketing Association


"We are incredibly excited our partnership with Équité, we are confident that with their deep understanding of luxury branding and expertise in driving brand equity for brands across all spectrums Gray will be equipped with the knowledge to navigate the world of luxury to really make an impact in the global luxury market all the way here from Singapore." 

Kevin Wu, Founder & CEO Gray


"Daniel is a dedicated professional with a deep understanding of and passion for brands and markets in an international arena. He has sharp judgment, business acumen and combines a sense of the aesthetical and practical."

Michael Cluzel, Co-Founder & Group CEO at Eatigo

"I had the chance and opportunity to work with Daniel and the team in Tokyo on the complete overhaul of the company and setting the basis for a profitable growth. Daniel managed swiftly to overcome cultural barriers, managing successfully the marketing team and driving efficiency improvement projects."

Matthias Czaja, Corporate Senior Vice President at Henkel Global Supply Chain B.V. 

"Dr. Langer is a great motivational lecturer combining a sharp language, a creative mind, great taste and humor as experienced during the CAS in Luxury Management at the University of Applied Sciences in Business Administration Zurich. The content of his lecture provided some new aspects i.e. on the difficulty of consumption. Highly recommended. Valuable information for professionals of any level."

Participant of Dr. Langer's CAS Class in Zurich


"I have worked closely with Daniel for more than 3 years in different roles and I am impressed with his work. As Marketing Director Daniel was a strong driver of product innovation and consumer understanding which inspired other cross divisonal and marketing teams, he always fostered close cooperation with. With a distinct business acumen Daniel always watched his P&L closely."

Frank-Olaf Walter, General Manager Consumer Products Division at
Hutchinson China Mediatech Ltd.


Keynote "the future of luxury" at stay boutique luxury hospitality conference
los angeles, oct 3, 2017

Daniel+Langer+Stay+Boutique+BLLA Conference Luxury

"I thought you provided one of the highlights to the whole event!

Eric Keosky-Smith, Vice President, Business Development, Moses Inc.


"I truly enjoyed your presentation. I found it to achieve three great  E’s - engaging, entertaining and educational! I thought that you struck a great balance between detail and high level – your visual aids showed that the research clearly backed up the points that you were making, but you didn’t laboriously drag the audience through the data, you summarized each wonderfully. It was a pleasure to share the agenda with you and I would willing be your warm up act anytime!"

Bill Walshe, CEO Viceroy Hotel Group


"I thoroughly, enjoyed your presentation."

Charlene Tierney, IHG


I loved learning from Daniel. His background working with many of the world’s top luxury brands has created a wonderful foundation for creating ÉQUITÉ. He takes both a scientific and artistic approach to helping others understand the DNA of the brand(s) they represent, an insightful and well-rounded approach that is needed in today’s competitive marketing environment.

Jessica Blotter, CEO Kind Traveler



Your presentation was very insightful! I especially found your segment on "People pay the value luxury creates" very, very insightful and helpful in reaffirming my belief that people will pay the price of luxury for the experience.  Very good presentation!

Frederick Fluchel, Westminster Teak






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