We develop luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands.

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We work with some of the world's most iconic brands across industries like Ferrari, Ancestry or Ecolab.


How do you lead the change? How do you lead with millennials? How do you lead with the store of the future? 

How do you lead in social media and digital?

How do you elevate the positioning of the brand? How do you lead with the customer journey?

How do you make your business model consumer centric?

How do you train your team to achieve leadership in luxury?


We solve common challenges many brands face in order to accelerate their growth and to create significant ROI:

Accelerated top-line and profit growth, higher return to shareholders and more engaged, inspired and productive employees.

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We work with you to elevate your brand.

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Imagine your consumers buy your brand at almost any price.

Because they are intrigued by its story and emotion.

Because it creates a life experience for them, they desire your brand more, day by day. 

Transform your brand to become fully consumer-focused and millennial-centered.



our approach: systematic, competent, with proprietary world-class tools.


Nothing but the best for your brand: From in-depth diagnostics with rigorous brand audits and brand strategy sessions to solutions defining, strategizing, stretching and accelerating your brand, creating a winning go-to-market approach along the consumer and customer journey. We make sure that every brand touch point elevates the brand positioning. 


We work with you on strategic brand development, including the complete development of new brands from scratch, leveraging our experience in developing several mega brands that achieved triple million dollars in retail sales. We partner with you on growth acceleration for your brand in your local markets, including brand elevation at the point of sale and through winning service strategies. And with one of our top-rated luxury leadership seminars, tailor-made to your needs, you can inspire your team and expand their knowledge in leading the change.




success track-record, trusted by the best



"Having worked with Daniel for many years and knowing his expertise in Luxury and Brand Equity, every brand will be in good hands with ÉQUITÉ.”

Pietro Beccari, CEO Christian Dior and Executive Board Member of LVMH

"I loved learning from Daniel. His background working with many of the world’s top luxury brands has created a wonderful foundation for creating ÉQUITÉ. He takes both a scientific and artistic approach to helping others understand the DNA of the brand(s) they represent, an insightful and well-rounded approach that is needed in today’s competitive marketing environment."

Jessica Blotter, CEO Kind Traveler

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"I truly enjoyed your presentation. I found it to achieve three great E’s - engaging, entertaining and educational! I would be willing to be your warm up act anytime." 

Bill Walshe, CEO Viceroy Luxury Hotels



Case studies and clients



Leading the change: Creating future-proof strategies for you.

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predicting trends, leading with millennials and digital disruption.


We address disruption through consumer trends, millennial preferences, and technological shifts.

We build winning strategies for a fast-changing environment, collaborating with some of the best experts in millennial insights, digital and augmented reality to be able to build immersive, emotional digital brand and e-commerce strategies.




Why we do what we do with obsession.



Our founder and CEO, Dr. Daniel Langer, is an authority in luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands. An award-winning brand builder, who is committed to the advancements of insights and knowledge on luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands through his world-class marketing-science research, his top-rated publications and his work for some of the most iconic brands in the world. We work for clients all over the world, connecting global and local insights, strategies and trends.  


Your brand is your biggest asset. This is why we founded Équité.


To build, accelerate and elevate your brand as your strategic partner, leveraging our world-leading expertise, insights and brand-building tools.

Obsessed with accelerating your revenue, profit and brand valuation growth, we strive to be your long-term partner.

We will listen to you, we will challenge you, and we have the ambition to make a real difference for you. 


To elevate your brand with the passion for getting every detail right and with the energy and aspiration to deliver results fast.



our expertise is often featured in leading publications around the world



our expertise featured in top-rated luxury management books







We'd love to elevate your brand.