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We create extreme value for luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands across industries from products to services. Being seen as competency, innovation and technology leader in what we do is a passion and obligation developing and elevating the most iconic brands in the world.

How we work for our clients

Next generation brand building

Deep AI: We utilize some of the most advanced digital consumer insight and artificial intelligence technologies to develop brands, ensuring rigorous brand equity building in times of rapidly changing global brand and consumer preferences.

Client examples


Return on investment

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Our brand strategy approach is ROI driven, focusing on accelerating revenue and profit growth, higher return to shareholders and increased employee engagement, retention and productivity.




"Having worked with Daniel for many years and knowing his expertise in Luxury and Brand Equity, every brand will be in good hands with Équité.”

Pietro Beccari, CEO Christian Dior and Executive Board Member of LVMH


"I loved learning from Daniel. His background working with many of the world’s top luxury brands has created a wonderful foundation for creating Équité. He takes both a scientific and artistic approach to helping others understand the DNA of the brand(s) they represent, an insightful and well-rounded approach that is needed in today’s competitive marketing environment."

Jessica Blotter, CEO Kind Traveler


creating future-proof strategies requires utmost expertise and innovation

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We reinvented brand strategy building to address the needs of brands in the age of acceleration and disruption. Our innovative approach merges unparalleled extreme value creation competency, deep global insights about leading with millennials and generation z with artificial intelligence and machine learning tools for high-precision execution. Our goal is to create most relevant and unique brands and consumer experiences.

Our expertise is regularly published in top-rated luxury management books and featured in leading business, fashion, lifestyle and luxury publications around the world.

Building extreme value is our mission


 “In today’s world we can’t use strategies of the past. I have always been committed to revealing the hidden drivers behind the appeal of luxury and combine them with the most advanced digital tools to create more powerful brands. To unlock extreme value that allows growing brands disproportionately, whether they are luxury brands or not. Équité stands for brand equity.”

Dr. Daniel Langer, CEO

Équité founder and CEO Dr. Daniel Langer is a leading authority in brand strategy, an award-winning brand builder with more than 20 years of top management experience. Daniel and his team elevate brands for clients across the globe, connecting global and local insights, strategies and trends with powerful data-driven digital tools. Daniel holds an MBA and a Ph.D. in luxury management and attended executive education at Harvard Business School. His books and publications are top-rated and published in English and Chinese. He writes regularly for the Economist, Manager Magazin and other prestigious publications in Europe, Asia and USA and is frequently featured in the media. He is a sought after keynote-speaker and top management advisor of luxury, lifestyle and consumer brands.


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