Why You Should Elevate And Inspire Your Team To Elevate Your Brand

You understand that incumbents are rarely those who reinvent a business, but industries, segments and brands are disrupted by newcomers. By ideas that were not generated "in-house" within existing corporations but by people with an outside view who focus on fixing one pain point for consumers and strive to bring a better solution. How do you ensure that this does not happen to your brand? How do you inspire people to think differently? Your team has the expert knowledge which is indispensable. But it also makes you vulnerable because too much knowledge can prevent from seeing the change. 

You also know that your brand has a much bigger potential in terms of revenue and profit growth. If you manage a consumer good brand it is very likely that you work in a category where overall share movements are more or less flat, retailer brands are growing and hyper competition means that price discounts and deep promotions are your typical tool to "survive" and maybe achieve low single digit growth (in best case). Sounds familiar? And if you work for a luxury brand you probably face the dilemma of how to grow without diluting your brand too much with entry level offers. How do you ensure that your teams are not only reacting to competition but stay ahead and show intellectual leadership? How do you make sure that they have the mindset of elevating their brands and building up equity instead of trading down equity for what we call "easy growth"? How do you inspire your team to grow beyond the comfort zone and accelerate revenue and profit expansion by actually creating value, connecting stronger with your consumers, inspiring your consumers with more disruptive innovation and creating superior experiences that actually make them want to buy your brand at almost any price?

To bring change into your organization, you need to challenge the status quo. Yesterday's strategies will not work anymore in a world of hyper competition and disruption by technology, Millennials and Generation Z. New ways of thinking are important.

Inspire your team to think and act differently! Open their eyes for the importance and possibilities of elevating your brand! Train your talents on branding strategy and premiumization, so that they can become ambassadors of change! Elevate your team! 



When we started Équité we had the conviction that elevating brands works best when teams are elevated and inspired too. With extensive expertise presenting and teaching leadership, innovation beyond the comfort zone, luxury and premiumization at some of the best business schools in the world including UCLA, London Business School, HWZ Zurich, Singapore Management University, Ross School of Business in Michigan, Thunderbird School of Business as well as in many conferences and corporate presentations, we will inspire and elevate your teams.

And we know that you need much more - the content has to be relevant for your business reality, create added value, be inspiring and tangible, leading to action and change. We strive to make an impact for your organization to elevate your brand by elevating your team.

About the author

Dr. Daniel Langer is CEO of Équité, a global branding and brand strategy firm that elevates brands and increases their value, profitability and success. He is an authority on brands, brand equity, brand positioning, pricing and luxury management. He holds a PhD in luxury marketing, is author of several top-rated books, book chapters and articles on luxury. He held top management positions in USA, Japan and Europe and was responsible for developing, launching and strengthening iconic global beauty care brands.